Gabe Pressman on Bloomberg Eruption: Call the Shrinks!


No New York journalist has jousted with as many mayors and with as much tenacity as NBC’s great Gabe Pressman. So we asked Gabe, who started covering City Hall in 1954, what he thought about Mike Bloomberg’s hissy eruption yesterday at New York Observer blogger Azi Paybarah. “I wrote it this morning on my blog,” he said, “take a look.”

Titled “Mayor Mike Needs Some Help With His Dark Side,” Pressman writes: “For a man who made his fortune by creating a media company, it’s amazing how angry he can get at the media.”

Pressman also wants the Mayatollah to take another look in his New York history book, to the chapter about Freedom of the Press pioneer John Peter Zenger “who, in 1735, was put in prison for having the gall to criticize the English governor.”

If that doesn’t work, says Gabe, then, “it may be time for him to air his grievances against the Fourth Estate to a good therapist.”

And here’s another thought: The New York Press Club needs to consider a new journalism award for Azi Paybarah and his like: A Gabe.