“Lady Teacher” and Student, 14, in “Sex Den” Scandal


We confess that part of us, maybe a big part, will always be a 14-year-old boy, and so we probably do not take the news that a Queens lad of that age was seduced by his teacher, 27-year-old Melissa Weber of Intermediate School 8 in Jamaica, with the appropriate seriousness. Of course, we’re not sure that the legitimate journalists who describe the “Lady Teacher” as “hooking up” with the boy (New York Post) in her classroom-slash-“sex den” (Daily News) are taking it that seriously either, though Newsday does point out that this is statutory rape and Weber faces seven years in prison for it. Weber was found out when the boy’s mother checked his cell phone and found hundreds of incriminating messages therein, despite the teacher’s request that he erase them; whether his failure to do so was a cry for help or romantic pride, or both, we leave to child psychologists. For backgrounders on the female-teacher-rapist epidemic, see comprehensive lists from conservative site WorldNetDaily (“Sexpidemic”) and “stuff for guys” site Gunaxin (“Teacher Appreciation Week: 25 Hottest Sex Offenders“), and related coverage of the “Hot for Teacher” club night hosted by famous predator Mary Fualaau nee Letourneau and her husband/victim, Vili Fualaau.