Organic Farmers Suffer Losses; Prisoners Excercise Their Green Thumbs


Organic farmers are feeling the sting of the organic food trend slowing. Dairy farmers, especially, are suffering, and many have been told to cut milk production by up to 20 percent. The slowdown, combined with the high cost of transporting organic feed from the Midwest has caused 32 dairy farms in Vermont to close since Dec. 1.
[NY Times]

What do a group of Ohio convicts have in common with Michelle Obama? They both are growing their own food. Prisoners at a jail in Fremont help tend to about an acre and a half of fruits and vegetables planted on jail grounds.
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We’ve all heard about how men think of sex every seven seconds. But what are thinking women of? The answer: food. Research shows that women spend nearly two years of their lives–about 44 minutes per day–thinking about their next meal.
[Daily Mail]

Burger King is stepping up its game in the burger wars with a new ad campaign promoting value items that will kick off in June. Experts say the chain may be too late, seeing as competitors like McDonald’s with its Dollar menu have already cornered the market.