Vintage Clip of Club Kid Killer Michael Alig


Michael Alig, the club kid leader who along with his pal Freeze gruesomely offed a young dealer named Angel Melendez in the mid ’90s, will eventually come out of jail, which is why half of New York has double bolted its doors shut while the other half is prepping for the most debauched party of all time.

While we wait and tremble, here’s an interview with Alig and his then-boyfriend Keoki on Rick X‘s Closet Case Show, a raunchily entertaining entity on public access TV at the time. The chat took place at the beginning of Alig’s slide into utter lawlessness, capturing him in a transition to colorful oblivion. See how many times you can spot signs of the horror to come–and also how many times my esteemed name comes up, interestingly enough. Should I triple bolt?