Week in Review: We Got Arrested at Your Benefit Show


In the short week that we outsourced absolutely nothing to India (not even the phoner we didn’t do with the guy who plays trumpet for Cake), we got even less cosmopolitan and global when Cannes correspondent J. Hoberman came back and showed up at the office like the rest of us. Except, unlike him, we still haven’t seen Inglourious Basterds.

We got around a bit though: Estelle pandered to the splendidly dressed masses at MOMA, while Drake broke a lot of hearts at S.O.B.’s when he offered both wine and food to the women in the audience. Incongruously, Japanther played the Union Square Barnes & Noble, which ended up being pretty tame, unlike the Bushwick rooftop benefit show for the New School arrestees, which ended up in a riot, public nudity, and of course, great irony.

Lykke Li told us how she charmed her way out of a Bushwick mugging. Sweden’s Those Dancing Days didn’t hesitate to use the words “menstrual pain” in an interview. And A Camp’s Nina Persson told us that she tried to sing like David Bowie on her last record, an influence we would not entirely have otherwise pegged.

Jay Bennett, 1963-2009.

Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes emailed to clarify that rumors that he was to serve as a physically intimidating left-wing Fox News pundit were exaggerated, although not entirely untrue. And we learned that the Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca will be available on limited-edition tape as well as CD, a scenario that may land at least one of us in a old school VW Beetle, just for the amusement factor.

Phil Spector got 19 years to life. The Major Lazer video for “Hold the Line” did not involve the iPhone app we hold so dear. We were helpless before that Scarlett Johansson/Pete Yorn song, which we are in fact listening to right now. Speaking of actresses, this week brought the momentous news that Asher Roth was rude to Lindsay Lohan, two names we actually expected to see appear together even sooner than they did.

Rappers wear fake jewelry, especially in recessions, and sometimes dare to lie about it, which is not really news, although it did appear on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. The imminent return of pop-soul icons Sade and Maxwell probably is news, but that’ll depend on the albums, won’t it? Ditto for the Beastie Boys, who at least sound great playing their old stuff. And Young Jeezy invented a new kind of pants. Pause.

Plus the Hold Steady covered the Mountain Goats, the best Xiu Xiu think piece ever, the Public Theater in 2009-2010, David Byrne’s motorcycle-skeleton bong, the Cool Kids in another commercial, Brett Easton Ellis’s twitter, and Sigmar Polke’s ‘Lens Paintings’ at Michael Werner Gallery, which were pretty much the most cultured thing that showed up here all week. What a surprise. We’re back Monday.