Yup–Definitely Shouldn’t Have Skipped Bastard Noise at No Fun Fest


Behold the awesome might of Bastard Noise, our most beloved band, whose No Fun show we skipped two Fridays ago for reasons that are now totally incomprehensible. But the video does not lie. This show began with Eric Wood saying, quote, “There’s another civilization sitting right below us right now. It’s like fucking mole people. I don’t know if you fucking know about them,” and then pausing before saying: “This is dedicated to them.” What follows is the full arsenal of groans, grunts, squeals, and epic howls that have solidified Wood’s place as the indisputable champion of the extreme vocal, a position he’s held since around the conception of Man Is the Bastard, in 1991, if not before, when that same band was called Neanderthal. Personnel have since come and gone; Rogue Astronaut, the epically damaged LP Bastard Noise released earlier this year (1000TimesYes gave it a parsimonious 7.5), featured only Wood and Bill Nelson–the core of the act since way back when. They are the only two players onstage at No Fun, as well, but Wood’s schizophrenic ventriloquist act–as well as what you have to admire as a tremendous vocal range, from gratingly high to sludge-gurglingly low–would’ve been enough on its own. File under regrets.