Weekend Special–When Food Art Goes Bad


Everyone over 14 years of age hates Santa, right? Well, the above work of art, intended to draw you into a pizza partlor at St. Marks and Avenue A, will have the opposite effect. Who the hell wants to look at a badly drawn naked Santa? Except maybe your mom. Thank god for mistletoe!

At Fork in the Road, we love to praise good food art, whether it be a Renaissance still life, an FSA view-camera photo, or even some distinguished candy bar packaging. But we also feel a particular fascination with bad food art, especially pieces that were intended to be appealing, but somehow run off the rails in the execution.


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Comtemplating this outdoor dining scene and trying to disentangle the perspective gave us a headache. It’s part of a wall-size mural at the Astorian Greek fast-food place Mr. Gyros.

Somehow, a fetishized babe holding a bean (or is it her diaphragm?) doesn’t necessarily seem like the best come-on for an organic grocery store in Bushwick.

  A gruesome and crudely executed cake of meat–seen in a West Village bakery–may seem like a definition of Valhalla for some, but Fork in the Road prefers the usual flour, egg, and sugar.