11-Week-Old 5th Suspected Swine Flu Death in City


Oddly, after a few suspected swine flu deaths which were announced but whose victims remain unnamed, we learn that 11-week-old Steven Montañez is thought to have died from the virus this weekend. Both “the boy’s family and an official close to his case” tell the Daily News the infant went unconscious Thursday and died shortly thereafter.

The Times lists some of the dozens of “underlying conditions” to which city health officials refer when they portray swine-flu-related deaths as singular and hence not a worry to the general population. Interestingly, the widow of Mitchell Wiener, whose death was so described, is not having it. “He was overweight and he was taking medicine for high blood pressure,” she says. “How many people 50 and above don’t?”

Elites TV suggests the recent illnesses of the Mets’ John Maine and Carlos Beltran might be related to swine flu, though the team’s performance in recent weeks is more suggestive of Epstein-Barr.