Indonesian Food Bazaar Pleases A Diverse Congregation


A crowd of devout Muslims, not-so-devout Muslims, and devout foodies gathered at the al-Hikmah Mosque in LIC, the only mosque in New York run by Indonesian Muslims, to sample authentic Indonesian fare this past Sunday. Fork in the Road stopped by for a steaming bowl of Bakwan Malang, the meat-stuffed tofu, meatball, and fried wonton soup topped with green scallions and spicy green chili sauce, and a plate of lamb satay smothered in a peanutty curry sauce. We couldn’t resist washing it all down with a glass of Pepto-Bismol-pink homemade cedol, which must be eaten as much as drunk what with the fruit salad of lychee, apricot, and fresh coconut slivers swimming around in there.

Other authentic Indonesian offerings included beef rendang, gado-gado, and lothek. If you missed it, don’t worry: additional Indonesian Food Bazaars are expected to take place at al-Hikmah throughout the summer.