Local Republicans Threaten to Bring Back Giuliani


Rudolph Giuliani’s got some gubernatorial fanboys working for him. Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton claims his 2010 candidate for governor is “overwhelmingly supported” by the Party and that “compared to New York City, turning Albany around would be a breeze.” (George Pataki didn’t do much with it, but he’s from Poughkeepsie, where the pace of life is slow.)

Eaton says he’s setting up as “Draft Rudy” website — it’s not ready yet, though, and currently peddles printers. But there’s already a different Draft Rudy site featuring the obligatory Rudy-at-Ground-Zero photo and pimping the former mayor as the best hope of hardcore rightwingers (“He’s not as Conservative as many of us would like him to be [But then, this is New York; who is?]”). It also has an affiliated Twitter stream with pithy messages like, “Paterson criticizes 1st place NY Mets…. The latest polls show Paterson couldn’t find 1st place if he was given a map!”

Giuliani is keeping his powder dry on the subject, but has managed to keep himself in the news. For instance, he recently went campaigning in Jersey for gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie.

Giuliani’s also getting a little play — though not by his own doing — because of Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination: He was the defendant in a lawsuit alleging the NYPD unfairly dismissed an obstreperously racist white employee because of his opinions. Sotomayor dissented from the court’s opinion and supported the racist employee’s free speech rights. It would be a pleasant irony if Giuliani’s contribution turned out to be a plus for Sotomayor’s chances.