Meet The Daisy Spurs


The Daisy Spurs are everywhere these days, like crabgrass, but far, far lovelier. A traveling floor show, they recently performed at our Obie Awards’ after party at Webster Hall, and the other night when I sashayed into Spin Cycle’s “Lust” party at Irving Plaza, they turned out to be the featured entertainers, spreading pounds of glitter throughout the joint like stardust.

A troupe of wackos, Broadway types, gender illusionists, and wannabe cowboys, the Spurs engage in high-energy dance numbers that mix hints of the Village People, Busby Berkeley, and Hair, generously shedding layers as the act goes on. Their point man, Peace Bisquit’s Bill Coleman, is also in the Dazzle Dancers–that other bunch of fast-moving glam nuts–but he told me the two sparkly groups have yet to perform together. I guess there aren’t enough vacuums in the world to clean up after that gig.

Anyway, take a gander at their fleshy grandeur and tell me which one’s your favorite Daisy Spur: The hottie who took my friend aside to look at his penis just moments before the Irving Plaza show? Or one of the other ones?