Staten Island Student Sent Home for Weird Haircut


Staten Island is trying to get tourists to treat them like all the other boroughs.But they’re not like other boroughs — look at the way they react to asymmetrical haircuts. Eighth-grader Dennis Reynolds came to Barnes Intermediate in Great Kills today with half his head shaved. It’s a bit much, but when you’re 14 you look cute doing that rather than schizophrenic. Reynolds says his principal sent him home, then called his house to make sure his mother was not laying around in a crack stupor, unaware of how her kids were barbering themselves. The school says they didn’t require he leave, but his mother, who’s fine with Dennis’ new look — “It’s better than wearing his pants hanging down. That I won’t tolerate” — says the school is lying about sending him home: “Why would I take him out of school first thing Monday morning when he has a state test the next day?” she says. Barnes Intermediate has a “B” grade in the Department of Education’s progress reports, and a pretty ambitious arts education program, so you’d think they’d be used to strange hair. Detail from photo by Irving Silverstein.