The Latest Scoop, er Skup


Just when you thought all the utensils in the world had been invented, and just when the drawers in your tiny kitchen were filled up with so much crap you couldn’t shut them, along comes another utensil that you might be tempted to add to the collection. The skup (pronounced “scoop” the press release prompts, we prefer “scupp”), is a serving spoon for sauces. But unlike a real serving spoon, it won’t slide down into the sauce, because it’s equipped with a curl at the top that allows it to depend from the rim of the serving bowl. As if that weren’t enough, the surface of the skup allows you to write on it with grease pen. Now, the inventor intended you to inscribe the name of the sauce on the skup, but why not improvise at your next dinner party? How about writing “You’re too fat already!” on the front?

The skup is available only on the web from Placetile Designs, at six for $19, here.