55-Year-Old Told Not To Strip At Boyz Night!


Some intergenerational weirdness happened at the gay bar Splash the other night. Alan Pincus and threw a 2(x)ist Underwear party whose invite stated: “Free clothes check. Free rum drinks to all boyz in underwear.” Now you would hope that boyz-with-a-z might be an all-encompassing concept, sort of like Liza with a z, but it turned out it wasn’t. Rick Shur, age 55, went to the clothes check and started stripping down and was promptly told by security to put it back on because the offer was for college students only. “In other words,” says Shur, “free alcohol would be served only to people under 21, not to trolls like me.”

Hours later, says Shur, “after everybody was sufficiently sloshed and there was less chance that I would frighten the horses (and the chickens), Alan (or somebody who seemed to be in charge) told me that I could join in on the fun. I did so [see photo], and nobody fainted. In fact, I danced with a lot of people who seemed glad to have me around.

“Of course, this was after I had spent quite a bit of my money paying full price for my screwdrivers!”

A poignant story, no? What do you think, oh backseat party promoters? Shouldn’t ALL the boyz that show up and are willing to strip get the perks promised on the invite? And if the club insists on birthday cutoff dates, shouldn’t they make sure it’s only the younger ones who don’t drink?