Anne Hathaway Happily Drowns in a Sea of Love on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


It’s almost too awkward to even watch–people who don’t know how to play guitar playing guitar usually are–but there’s something really endearing and also sort of funny about this clip of (Obies presenter!) Anne Hathaway playing “Sea of Love” on last night’s Jimmy Fallon. Conan’s debut is the news today (best use of a Cheap Trick song in forever), but Fallon’s show last night–in which the Roots played salad-eating BFFs to Fallon’s distraught lead in 7th Floor West, everybody reprised Slow Jam the News in honor of the ailing California economy, and Will Forte sang a song–was, according to a growing consensus, one of the best in his young run. Bonus points to Hathaway (whose voice turns out to be lovely) for apologizing to the Roots (Forte called them “the Tubes”) for her awful guitar playing: “Hi Roots! How are you? I’m very excited to play guitar in front of you!” Questlove’s wave in return is kind.