Gillibrand Responds Gently to Truthers’ Charges of “Explosives at the WTC”



Whoops! 9/11 Truthers get ahold of Kirsten Gillibrand, ask her point blank about the “explosives found in the debris of the World Trade Center” and request her backing for a new investigation. “Based on what you’ve just told me,” she cautiously responds, “and that 70 percent of the families’ question were not answered, I think those questions should be answered… I do think it’s important that every family member have every question answered.” She did as well as could be expected of a politician under the circumstances, leaning on the support-9/11-families angle rather than endorsing the theories of the interviewers, but we wonder how a response like “Oh, I’ve heard of you guys — you’re nuts” would go over with constituents. (h/t PolitickerNY.)