Grape Nuts Is for Men; Antioxidans Kick Butt, But How?


Grape Nuts has been advertised as being stuffed with “phosphate of potash” for building “brain and nerves,” as well as preventing malaria, appendicitis, and being partly responsible for building the Panama Canal because it “keeps almost indefinitely in any climate.” A new campaign aimed at men uses the slogan “That takes Grape Nuts,” implying that the cereal enhances virility.
[Wall Street Journal]

Apparently, the number of women in kitchens across America is growing, but the fairer of the sexes still only represents 22 percent of the restaurant business, and only 15 percent of executive chefs. Sugar and spice make up 39 percent of pastry chefs.

The FDA has approved a new regulation that requires companies that use the dried bodies of cochineal insects in food dyes to list the ingredient on their labels. Previously, foods containing squished bug bodies were only listed as containing “artificial colors.” What happened to ignorance is bliss?

Horticulture specialists have been trying to find ways to increase the antioxidant content in the foods we eat everyday. But, even though antioxidants are the darlings of the nutrition world, researchers don’t fully understand how these disease-busting substances work.
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