Littlejohn Defense Accuses Dorrian, Echoing ’86 “Rough Sex” Defense


The lawyer for Darryl Littlejohn, who is accused of the brutal murder of Imette St. Guillen, suggested in her closing that the young woman may really have been killed by bar owner Daniel Dorrian during “rough sex,” and her corpse — and the rap — handed over to Littlejohn for disposal.

The charge will bring New Yorkers of a certain vintage back to the Robert Chambers “Preppie Killer” case of 1986, in which Chambers tried to explain Jennifer Levin’s strangulation death as a byproduct of erotic asphyxia — leading to the immortal New York Post headline ROUGH SEX KILLED JENNY — after a night out at Dorrian’s Red Hand, an Upper East Side bar owned by Daniel’s father, Jack Dorrian.

“I think it’s a reasonable inference based on the way St. Guillen’s body was found that she was found in some bondage thing that went awry,” said Littlejohn’s attorney, Joyce David. This she sought to attribute to Dorrian, adding, “Darryl Littlejohn was the solution to all their problems: solving the city’s biggest crime at the time, protecting Danny Dorrian and protecting Rudy Giuliani from another scandal while he was running for president.” St. Guillen was sexually assaulted and murdered in 2006; Giuliani’s former chief of staff Anthony Carbonetti is married to Daniel’s sister Carol.

Considering the DNA evidence and Littlejohn’s previous career as a predator, this alternative scenario is more likely to stir unpleasant memories than reasonable doubt among jurors.