Miranda July Shows You Her Really Long Hallway


Last year’s International Triennale of Contemporary Art in Japan featured this epically twee but also somewhat transfixing work by Miranda July, called The Hallway. It’s pretty much the metaphor you guessed it was: “As you walk, you realize you’ll be walking down this hall for the rest of your life…Most of the things you dreamed about as a child won’t happen. For example, you’re not going to become president, obviously, because how could you rule the country from this hallway? You also won’t go to the moon or become famous.” She’s still a better writer than she is artist, maybe obviously, but the above five minute glide through the piece is still infinitely more tolerable than that trailer for Dave Eggers’ Away We Go (“we have a cardboard window,” etc.), which looks to be perhaps the most repulsively whimsical movie, ever. In the pantheon of cute, at least July is a bit of pessimist. [h/t /Film]