Post Still Mad at Rangel for Suggesting Racial Factor in Death of Black Cop


Congressman Charlie Rangel’s bitter jest at the NYPD — that considering the recent slaying of black officer Omar Edwards by a white colleague, President Obama should make sure when he comes to New York to carry ID — continues to steam the milk of the New York Post. “He again stuck his foot squarely in his mouth,” says the paper today, because after apologizing for bringing the Obama family into it — which enrages the Post, as it both fails to acknowledge Rangel’s slur on the force and gives aid and comfort to a Democratic officeholder — Rangel said he was “pleased that Commissioner Ray Kelly recognizes a racial factor is involved,” which neither reflects the commissioner’s actual statements nor supports the Post‘s traditional view that the NYPD is untouched by racism.

Charles Hurt, inheritor of the Deborah Orin chair for applied Republicanism, steps up to declare “RANGEL REVELS IN A PAST OBAMA HAS MOVED BEYOND” — that is, Rangel “cannot trudge beyond the old race battles that were the foundation of his career,” while Obama “passed through that eye of the needle, [and] so did America.” (This must be a very recent development: During the campaign, Hurt wrote about Obama, “sweeping out his church comes about 20 years too late to keep the lunatic rants of his spiritual advisers from being woven deeply into the general election this November.”)

Sean Delonas adds a cartoon about Rangel’s tax troubles, and the Post gilds the lily with an outraged editorial.

Meanwhile NY1 reports that witnesses heard Officer Edwards heard Officer Edwards’ shooter identify himself as a cop before he was gunned down. (This bit corrected from previous version, “a pretty big mistake” per commenter jack for those scoring at home.)