The Date Night Heard Around the World–A Roundup of Reactions to the Obamas’ Blue Hill Dinner


Days after the Obamas graced New York with their presence, reports of the presidential date night are still pouring in. And, while FOXNews was mostly concerned with how much the evening cost taxpayers (a minimum of $24,000 is the conservative–pun intended–estimate), other media outlets were more interested in hearing from Blue Hill patrons who dined within sneezing distance of the President.

Dana Hubbe told NY Daily News that the First Lady downed two martinis with her meal.

Marion Nestle on the Atlantic Food Channel said she couldn’t tell what the First couple ate, but that she saw the President pay the bill.

Eva Fleischer told Us that she “had no idea” the Obamas would be there when she made her early dinner reservations at Blue Hill, claiming that Obama said, “‘Hi, guys!’ to her table.