This Week in the Voice


Oh come on. This picture, and Michael Musto interviewing Joan Rivers? Are you that straight you wouldn’t enjoy it?

New York hasn’t had this good a mob trial in a while: Roger Khan, exiled drug dealer and a hero to some of his neighbors in Guyana, got picked up by the DEA; celebrity mob lawyer Bob Simels, who previously repped Henry Hill (GoodFellas), defended Kahn, but now the government accuses him of obstructing justice based on secretly made tapes of Simels talking of “neutralizing” witnesses. Judge John Gleeson made his bones prosecuting John Gotti. David Shaftel gives you the morning line.

Tropicàlia in Furs is New York’s outpost for vintage Brazilian psychedelia. Thence comes Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalista Psychedelic Masterpieces, 1967-1976, the “Holy Grail” of the music. Charly Wilder pokes around.

Jane’s Addiction is back! Perry Farrell talks to Phil Freeman.

Francis Ford Coppola is back! Aaron Hillis talks to him.

East Village Meat-Up: Sarah DiGregorio at charcuteries Cure and Ballaro. Also Robert Sietsema gets more Flushing subcontinental at Southern Spice.

The state pension fund scandals, says Tom Robbins, will soon be state history. And there’ll be a big chapter about former city council president Andrew Stein, who has made millions repping venture capitalists who wanted, and got, a piece of the pension pie.

In the 1930s Nègritude was “linguistic appropriate avant la lettre” by smart black artists. What’s the 2000s version at Exit Art about? Martha Schwendener looks in.


Music: Ted Hendrickson on Youssou N’Dour and the Muslim Voices Festival at BAM; Andy Beta on Night Dubbin’: A Dubbed Out Collection of ’80s Dance Music.

Theatre: Michael Feingold on Vieux Carrè and 10 Things to Do Before I Die; Alexis Soloski on A Family of Perhaps Three and Pure Confidence; Sharyn Jackson on Doctors Jane & Alexander; Trav S.D. on the Ensemble Studio Theatre’s One-Act Festival.

Film: J. Hoberman on 24 City; Jim Ridley on The Hangover; Scott Foundas on Away We Go; Melissa Anderson on Rosa von Praunheim at Anthology Film Archives; Tim Grierson on Tennessee.

Books: Tom Robbins on The Life and Times of I.F. Stone.

Dan Savage, Ask a Mexican, Free Will Astrology, Letters, and the megillah.