What Scares You Most About Flying?


That awful Air France crash, after the plane went through thunderstorms and lightning, was horrific–as if I needed more anxiety about getting on an aircraft.

Not that you asked, but in descending order, here are the things I’m most terrified of about flying:

(1) Turbulence. I know this can very rarely be fatal. I just hate the idea of bouncing around in a tin can way up in the sky, especially since the pilot never seems to know when it’s coming or ending.

(2) Engine failure. I sweat bullets in fear that the hum of the engines will suddenly quiet down and we’ll start nosediving loudly.

(3) Birds flying into the engine. Don’t laugh. It happens. Those poor birds! And poor me!

(4) Ice on the wing. Though I’m very sensible and don’t worry much about this in the summer.

(5) Terrorism. Remember that?

(6) A collision. Though at least that would be a quickie.

What do you fear most about flying? And don’t say the food.