Yung LA Has New Name, New Mixtape, Same Deliriously Bonkers Swag


SOTC favorite Yung LA–now a/k/a, awesomely, Lamborghini Leland–seems initially depressingly normalized on this new mixtape with DJ Drama, which comes in advance of next week’s Futuristic Leland. Where is his squeaky baby-voice? His bragging about his fucked up hairstyle? But then come the epically daffy beats and motorcycle sound-effects (“Chopper”), whimsical autobiography (“Caught My Daddy With It”), totally outlandish chirpy swag-bragging (“Offset Remix,” “Show Out,” “Bands”), and the contemplation of extremely serious questions (“NBA or NFL”), and reality reasserts itself: dude is as happily weird and random as ever. Why is he holding all those guns on the cover though?

Yung LA & DJ Drama “Lamborghini Leland” Mixtape [Broken Cool]