Chili’s Big Mouth Bites Blow Big Macs Out of the Water; Midtown Lunch Founder Profiled


Starbucks plans to launch a healthy new menu later this month that will feature baked goods without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors, as well as salads and other items. The new menu will be advertised with the slogan “Real Food. Simply Delicious.”

If you think a Big Mac has a lot of calories, check out the foods at popular “slow food” chains, like Chili’s and Applebee’s. Red Lobster’s Ultimate Fondue has 1,490 calories and 40 grams of fat, while Chili’s Big Mouth Bites–four miniburgers with fries, fried onion strings and jalapeno ranch sauce–tip the scales at 2,350 calories.
[NY Daily News]

The next level in DIY epicureanism isn’t exactly edible: it’s radio. A new food-related indie radio network features such shows as “Why We Cook,” hosted by an instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, and “Eat to the Beat,” a food and music show with such guests as a sound engineer who creates play lists for restaurants to Andrew Carmellini, the chef at Locanda Verde.
[NY Times]

Zach Brooks, the founder, editor, and chief correspondent of Midtown Lunch, tries to bring order to the chaos of the almost 3,000 food businesses–including delis, pizza joints, trucks, carts and restaurants–located in Midtown, a neighborhood once considered a wasteland for affordable and interesting lunchtime options.
[NY Times]

The Gross-Out Food Movement is driven by such abominations (read: works of genius?) as the Bacon Explosion, a bacon-wrapped sausage monster; and the Bacone, a cone of bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brows, gravy, and a biscuit.