Gambino Crime Big Had an American Blast!


Say what you will about him, John Gotti considered himself a bona fide red-white-and-blue patriot. Back in the day, the dearly departed Dapper Don mounted a 4th of July fireworks show for his Ozone Park nabe that was the biggest and best thing east of Macy’s barges.

And maybe that was the inspiration for Gotti pal and fellow Gambino crime family big Joe Watts who, as the website The Smoking Gun reports, launched his own high energy drink last year and dubbed it “American Blast.”

Watts, the Gun tells us, even got rapper Fat Joe to show up for the launch party.

Of course, as is usual with such matters, Watts and his gangland chums had to put their own little Mafioso spin on the drink. According to the latest version of a murder and racketeering indictment now pending against Watts in Manhattan Federal Court, the drink was just a way to launder the Gambino crime family’s ill-gotten money.

Actually, it just so happens that Watts’ co-defendant in the case, former Gambino family acting boss John “Jackie Nose” D’Amico, is an expert in the beverage trade, having spent at least 20 years on the payroll of a major soft drink distribution firm, Big Geyser Inc., as the Voice reported last year.

The spoil-sport feds, who obviously don’t understand how these thirst-quenching beverages are both useful and healthy, now claim in the same indictment that Geyser too was just another mob scheme. What do they know? Fat Joe used to be BIG Fat Joe before he started putting away a six-pack a day of these little beauties.