Governor Signs New Hampshire Gay Marriage Bill into Law


New York continues to get its ass kicked in the marriage equality sweepstakes. Now New Hampshire Governor Lynch, who sent that state’s original gay marriage bill back for better protection of religions — and, after some hiccups, got it — has signed the revised bill, and New Hampshire is legislatively a state where you can marry your same-sex other.

Our theater critic Michael Feingold, who does this every time a state goes gay, has composed parody lyrics to a show tune in honor of the new order in New Hampshire. It is to be sung to the tune of “Rhode Island is Famous for You” (see above video) by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz, and appears below the fold: NEW HAMPSHIRE IS SAME-SEX FOR GOOD

lyrics by Michael Feingold

with sincere apologies to Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz

for the use of their song Rhode Island Is Famous for You from INSIDE USA

(Apologies to Rhode Island, too, I guess — but when will it get with the program?)

Gay men

Tend to flee Rhode Island

Shouting, “This ain’t my land!

“I’m misunderstood.”

They note a

Kind of voter

In Dakota

Thinks queer love

Would besmear love’s neighborhood

Gays see that bigots

Thrive in old Kentucky

They think that’s just yucky

And we agree they should.

But now, we salute New Hampshire:

Smart little old New Hampshire

Is same-sex for good!

Parody lyrics Copyright (c) 2009 by Michael Feingold. All Rights Reserved.

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