Grizzly Bear Are Top Ten Material: Take That, Montgomery Gentry


The first week sales figures are in for Grizzly Bear, the scrappy, very well-exposed Brooklyn native sons whose Veckatimest seems to be the most all-around well-liked record of the year so far, certain critics at the Times notwithstanding. The band’s sold 33,000 copies of their third studio album (nearly half of which were digital downloads), good enough for a top ten placement on the Billboard 200. Maybe total press saturation still kinda works! Meanwhile, Eminem continued to slaughter everybody: his 211,000 in Relapse‘s second week on store shelves puts his 2009 total right around 819,000, in fifth place overall for the year and closing fast. And to think all it took was a manufactured bit of man-on-man hysteria. Adam Lambert, you should’ve come out!

Eminem Stays Atop Billboard 200; Grizzly Bear, Manson Debut Top 10 [Billboard]