Littlejohn Guilty in St. Guillen Murder


Darryl Littlejohn, the Manhattan bouncer who was on trial for the brutal rape and murder of a 25-year-old graduate student, was convicted of first degree murder today. He faces life without parole and will be sentenced on July 8.

Littlejohn, who grew up in the city’s roughest neighborhoods — Richmond Hill and South Jamaica — kidnapped Imette St. Guillen as she was leaving the Falls Bar in Manhattan in the wee hours of the morning. Her body was discovered wrapped in a dirty bedspread and dumped on a deserted section of Fountain Avenue, just north of the Belt Parkway, in East New York. Her hands and feet were bound, she had been sexually assaulted, her mouth was gagged and her head was completely wrapped in tape. She died of asphyxiation.

At his trial, Littlejohn’s attorney had tried to pin the murders on bar owner Daniel Dorrian; a famous 1986 murder case — known as the Preppie Killer case — occurred after the after the woman murdered had spent the evening drinking at Dorrian’s Red Hand, an Upper East Side bar owned by Dorrian’s father.

Littlejohn is already serving 25 years to life for kidnapping a college student in Queens. In testimony at trial, the woman who was kidnapped described a pattern similar to that described by another woman who claimed to have been victimized by Littlejohn: he had posed as a cop or a law enforcement officer before he took her captive.

Littlejohn’s attorney says he will appeal.

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