News Roundup: Paul McCartney, Live Nation, James Murphy, Hold Steady


–Paul McCartney hasn’t performed much lately, favoring one-off gigs instead of touring. (In April, he performed a Beatles-heavy set at Coachella). But New York fans will get a chance to see the Wings legend (kidding) when he performs July 17 and 18 at Citi Field, the Mets’ new home. McCartney has a thing about baseball stadiums. The Beatles were the first to play Shea Stadium in 1965, and McCartney played at the stadium’s farewell concert with Billy Joel last year. Tickets for the New York show, which will probably be too expensive for all of us, go on sale June 15.

–Tickets bought during Live Nation’s “No Service Fee Wednesday” promotion today include, well, service fees. One of them is a parking fee, which apparently does not pay for a parking space and is required even if a fan doesn’t drive to the show. It was tough even for CNN to remain objective in their story about these bastards.

–James Murphy posted an incredible MySpace rant. The LCD Soundsystem frontman discusses progress on the band’s follow-up to 2007’s Sound of Silver and his experience attending the MTV Movie Awards. “Young, self-satisfied, confident celebrities are weird to be near,” Murphy writes. He also includes a helpful tip: If you amicably talk to Will Ferrell at the award show, “You can basically walk into any room you want and take beer for the next 5 minutes. it’s like getting an invincibility pill in pac-man.”

–The Hold Steady endorsed Top Chef Masters in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. The Top Chef spin off, which features world-renowned chefs rather than amateurs, is apparently an on-the-road favorite of the band’s.”We can’t wait to watch the show on the tour bus,” an unnamed band member writes. “It will make PB&J that much more shameful.” We already know what the band likes for desert.