Clues, from Montreal, just released their self-titled debut (on the superhip Canadian indie Constellation), but they boast quite a pedigree: Alden Penner, one of the band’s two core members, cofounded the Unicorns, the short-lived but influential art-pop outfit, while Brendan Reed, Clues’ other OG, played in the earliest version of Arcade Fire. Together, Penner and Reed make a precisely off-kilter racket that pulls from all sorts of stuff, including White Album piano balladry, Danny Elfman movie music, and late-’70s post-punk. Philadelphia’s blog-buzzed Drink Up Buttercup kick out boozy pirate-pop jams that share a ramshackle charm with old tunes by another Philly fave, Dr. Dog.

Wed., June 17, 7 p.m., 2009