Quick Hits – 6/3/2009


“I met Carla from Bravo’s Top Chef — I was rooting for her the whole season long.” Twitpic by drschefcick.

Paul McCartney will play Citi Field, which makes sense, since neither he nor the Mets have been any good since the 1980s.

The “Bike in Style” Challenge had FIT students “create stylish, practical and affordable bike clothing and gear in support of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s bicycling promotion initiatives.” At the unveiling were Hillary Duff and (“in bizarre Christian Dior ‘goddess’ heels”) Marion Cotillard.

Is it terrorism yet? “Operation Rescue adviser helped Tiller suspect track doctor’s court dates.” Meanwhile conservatives insist that liberals are the real killers, sometimes under humorous headlines like “The Blood Libel of the New York Times.”

A Syracuse Sex and The City promotion goes horribly wrong.

We know, right? Like they show Megan Fox pretending to wake up in the morning and hang around “your” pool and grill stuff and that’s supposed to be exciting. Besides, she’s not that hot, really.

The oldest houses in each of the five boroughs.

Gersh, go ahead and cover Babeland for the Brooklyn Paper, but please, get someone else to edit it. Preferably someone who has had sex. (“The success of the Earth Angel will prove once and for all that you can go a few days without a hot meal, but you can’t go a few hours without a hot, well, you know.” Whuh?)

No, this wasn’t on our calendar, nor will it go on. Reminds us too much of this.