The Next Food Network Star–Who Do You Like?


The Next Food Network Star premieres this Sunday and the contestants have been introduced. There’s the perky mom next door (Jen Isham), the less perky mom next door (Melissa d’Arabian), the soulful Korean mama (Debbie Lee), and the health nut who secretly loves bacon (Katie Cavuto).

New York is a little under-represented with just two chefs: Brett August, who hails from the city but works at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel in Rye Brook, and Michael Prioietti, the executive chef at the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle.

Michael seems suspicious for his claim that the weirdest thing he’s ever eaten is tripe and calf brains–regular Saturday-night fare for us. Brett seems solid (favorite foods: pizza, Coke, and steak… nothing wrong there) and we wouldn’t mind attending his idea of the ultimate dinner party with guests Anthony Bourdain, Michael Jordan, and Tupac Shakur.

NFNS is hosted by Bobby Flay, who still plays the bad boy on Food Network despite the network’s allegedly “shitty” treatment of him.

Who do you like as a potential winner? Or should we wait till after this Sunday to ask…