Today in Staten Island: Man Steals Ex-GF’s Phone, Answers Her Call, is Busted


John Davis, 49, apparently maintained a decent relationship with his ex-girlfriend, because on the afternoon of May 28 she consented to drive him to his home. On the way there she stopped at the bank and left the car to go to the ATM. While she was out, the woman alleges, Davis stole an envelope containing $350 in cash and her cell phone from inside the vehicle. After she dropped Davis off, the ex noticed her stuff was missing and placed a call to her cell phone. Davis, she says, answered the phone. He apparently didn’t have a good explanation, because the ex called the cops and Davis was arrested for grand and petit larceny and possession of stolen goods. “Another upstanding Staten Islander who really knows how to treat a woman,” says a commenter to the Staten Island Advance story.

Our other favorite Staten Island story of the day: 19-year-old Sheldon Bell, whose midnight drive cops attempted to interrupt because his “vehicle’s front license plate was missing and Bell was tailgating a police car,” leading to a high-speed chase and Bell’s arrest, which he is charged with resisting.