Toy Gunman Briefly Terrorizes Princeton


Well, it’s closer than Trenton, so we guess we should mention that Princeton went into lockdown for a while this morning because it looked like one of those nut-on-campus-with-gun things was happening. But it turned out to be one of those nut-on-campus-with-toy-gun things instead. Police and security guards received the call about a gunman near Dod Hall around 11 a.m. and set up barricades in response; the all-clear went out not long after. Graduation Day was Monday (Katie Couric spoke! The corpse of Woodrow Wilson spun!), so there weren’t as many people on campus as there might have been a few days earlier. No idea what was up with the toy-gunman — police have apprehended “four non-student juveniles,” one of whom was toy-packing.

Clearly we Northeastern liberals can’t do a school gun scare properly. Imagine the bold lads of Columbine and Virginia Tech using toys instead of real guns!