Under Review–Sietsema At Southern Spice; DiGregorio At Cure & Ballaro


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema gets a hot spice injection at Southern Spice in Flushing, while Sarah DiGregorio goes cold-cut crazy at two new East Village charcuterie specialists.

Bruni indulges in mussel mania at Canadian import Flex Mussels, which “approaches mussels the way Baskin-Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s approaches ice cream: as a starting point, a canvas, a vehicle for a pleasantly hyperactive imagination.”
[NY Times]

Adam Platt appreciates the Portuguese-accented fare at pocket-sized Aldea, praising the foie gras terrine with figs, the soft baby calamari, and the shrimp Alhinho, deeming George Mendes’ newcomer quite possibly a “prototype of the gourmet restaurant of tomorrow.”
[NY Magazine]

Platt also enjoys the amped-up menu at Apiary, with its foamy (really??) diver scallops, sweetbreads in romesco puree, and hamachi crudo topped with shavings of jalapeno a la Jean Georges.
[NY Magazine]

TONY drops in on Emporio, where the bubbly waitresses don’t entirely make up for small plates that are “only slightly better than what you’d find at a so-so neighborhood spot.” Best to go for the “thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizzas.”