After White House Presses Maloney, McCarthy Backs Off Race Against Gillibrand


Yesterday some people were saying Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (pictured) was about to confirm a run against Kirsten Glllibrand for the Democratic Senatorial nomination in 2010. Maloney’s response: “Where did you get that from? It’s not true.”

Today a story went around about how Maloney either got a call or didn’t get a call from Joe Biden that was either about or not about running against Gillibrand, depending on what you made of the various denials. We already knew the White House didn’t want any skunks at that picnic, which is over a year away, and that they had already muscled Steve Israel out of a potential run, so we assumed either the call or the leaking about the call was a shot across Maloney’s bow.

In any case, Maloney kept her powder dry. “Her decision will not be based on a phone call,” a “source” told Roll Call, “but based on what can best help the people of New York.” Maybe she was waiting to see what was happening with Carolyn McCarthy, whom Maloney previously said she would support if she ran against Gillibrand — which McCarthy, a fervent opponent of Gillibrand’s previous pro-gun positions, often seemed ready to do.

Maloney doesn’t have to wait any longer: McCarthy has suddenly announced that she will not run against Gillibrand.

Unless she’s ready to bow out by this weekend, Maloney better tuck her bedsheets extra tight to make sure no one can sneak a horse’s head under them.