Bloomberg to Queens Gazette: Nice Lady In Subway Convinced Me to Run Again


The Mayor doesn’t much like the reporters who show up at City Hall, but he figured he’d get a fair hearing at the Queens Gazette and arranged an interview “over a cup of soup at the Neptune Diner.” Among the revelations: Bloomberg says he decided to run for a then-illegal third term when a woman in the subway said to him, “I know as long as you’re the mayor, the schools will get better.” And not only are crime and domestic violence down, but also “in the last seven years, he said, life expectancy has gone up to 75 years,” thanks to his smoking ban and the vitamins his secret army sprays into the air every night. He refers to Willets Point as “a mopping up operation that’s up to the private sector now,” though that conflicts with what we’ve been hearing about the imminent use of eminent domain to “mop up” the area. We sincerely congratulate the Gazette on their scoop, and hope Queens Crap goes for the follow-up.