Highlights from Our Twitter User of the Day


(To paraphrase Stan Mack, all monologue is reported verbatim)

12:54 PM June 3rd [first tweet] It’s really weird when you open a new Twitter account and you follow no one and no one is following you. The room feels really empty.

1:12 PM June 3rd OK, 10 minutes, and I’ve got my first follower. Thanks, whomever you are.

1:18 PM June 3rd Woof Woof Woof, and a big o’ Woof to my people. #WoofWednesday

1:22 PM June 3rd Is Google Wave a Twitter Killer? #GoogleWave

about 23 hours ago from twhirl Should I follow “Your Horny Kitty” or not? Choices…choices. How about…NOT!

about 3 hours ago from Tweetie: Good lord, she gave me her phone number! Normally that’d be cool, but this babe is a whole lotta rosie, if you catch my drift.

about 3 hours ago from Tweetie Guy across from me is trying to pull a nose hair out. Get me offa this bus

about 2 hours ago from twhirl Now sitting in my little cave, where I’ll be for the next 8+ hours.

Ad infinitum.

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