It’s Theater Talk Time Again!


The fabulous show Theater Talk, hosted by Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel, is on top of the Broadway trends as usual. This Friday night at 1 AM on Channel 13, they’ll air their Tony gabfest featuring moi, Jesse Green, and Patrick Pacheco discussing why Billy Elliot will soar to the podium (along with other urgent issues). And Sunday at 730 PM on CUNY-TV (channel 75), they’re showing their “Tony Cavalacade” program featuring pretty much every critic who still has a job, all of them gushing and oozing about which productions made them kvell and coo the most. And for Gay Pride week, I’m on the show about the immortal play The Boys in the Band, this one also featuring author Mart Crowley and actor Larry Luckinbill. And next year, I’m on the one about…no, let’s take this one theater step at a time.