Obama’s “Open Government” Site More Fun Than We Thought


We were momentarily on a conference call this morning with Greg Nelson, White House Office of White House Office of Public Engagement, and some other ‘crats who were talking about the Open Government Initiative and how popular its Brainstorming project has become: 98,609 visitors, over 12,000 registered users, and 2,450 ideas submitted.

We couldn’t listen long — all that droning was distracting us from our hunt for celebrity nudes — but the call did get us to visit the Open Government Brainstorm site, and we are delighted to see that not everything up there is goo-goo stuff. For example, there’s this new COMMANDER IN TREASON! post. The lede, as you can see above, is pretty spectacular, but the rest is worth a look (“As a matter of fact I firmly believe that Barack Hussine Obama is the missing 20th Hijacker from the events of 911”), and as you can also see, a few users of the site have voted it “up.” (We learned on the call that users can flag posts that are “completely inappropriate or off-base,” but currently “there’s a backlog” of those; so we expect the_last_paratrooper’s screed will be up a while — maybe in perpetuity; after all, who are they to decide that an imputation of treason against the President is “off-base”? Forbid it, Almighty God!)

Also of interest: “Stop apologizing for America, and act like a leader, not a blubbering schlub,” “Hussein Obama, Muslims are Allowed Five Wives,” and “Hacking going on,” which contends, “someone is hacking this site. Every time I vote against one of the ‘birth certificate’ ‘ideas’ it registers as a pro vote.” This post currently has a score of minus-27. Ah, the voice of the people!