Quick Hits – 6/4/2009


“WMITF?” twitpic via dvdquotes.

Whenever NYPD comes up in the news, we like to include comments from Thee Rant, formerly NYPD Rant. Apparently they’ve noticed. “They are not on our side,” says one poster, “and will look for stuff that fits their image of cops, which ain’t good.” “The Village Voice? Elliot Spitzers favorite paper?” says another. “A paper supported by revenue generated by advertising of SHE-MALE PROSTITUTES? How can you take that rag seriously?” “Now thats a quote they should reprint in the morning edition LOL!!!!” responds a comrade. Noted!

Today’s freebie: “ANAYLSIS OF POSITIVE ENERGY IN A HOME… Some of the most perfect looking homes may have its residents suffering from some of the worst kind of day-to-day living problems… These disturbances primarily due to lack of enough positive energy within a house are greatly contributed by a distorted house layout…” So let these interesting folks into your home for a consultation!

Sunday’s Tony Awards will apparently be “dramatically greener” — for example, “the Red Carpet is made from 100% recycled material with 49% post consumer content.” Now will you watch?

University of Michigan scientists ask: “Why does dishing with a girlfriend do wonders for a woman’s mood?” And they answer: “feeling emotionally close to a friend increases levels of the hormone progesterone.” And what brings friends closer together than malicious gossip? That’s always been our philosophy.

To battle the global sex trade recession (we know, it surprises us too), a German club is offering “$98 for six hours of unlimited sex, a sauna and an all-you-can eat buffet.” But you have to remember to bring the coupon.