Scary Wine from Transylvania


Browsing a new wine shop in Prospect Heights, we came across this Halloween-y bottle of wine. Werewolf Wine is made in the Romanian region of Transylvania, where everyone walks around wanting to suck your blood.

Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Grigio were also available, but we went for the Chardonnay, hoping to use it as a cooking wine, and maybe a drinking one, too. All varietals were $9.99. The bottle is hilarious–the cork is bright red with claw marks on it, and the back of the bottle goes on about eating human flesh before offering a field guide to werewolves:

“Werewolves are easy to spot as they have several common characteristics: red hair, eyebrows that join in the middle, index and middle fingers that are the same length, love of rare or raw meat, hairs on the palms of the hands and hair on the inside of the skin (a tough one to check!).

For a howling good time, even without a full moon, this wine will put hair on your palms!”

I don’t know about the hairy palms, but the wine turned out to be great for cooking, and okay for drinking.

Garry’s Wine and Liquor
80 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn