Stumptown Is for Suckers & Forget Prosciutto, Eat American Dry-Cured Ham


Could it be that there is a nation out there more in love with fast food than America? Yes, and it’s Bulgaria. Still in the “honeymoon period” with fast food, 68 percent of Bulgarians say they love the stuff too much to stop eating it, compared to 44 percent in the US.
[USA Today]

An East coast transplant to Portland implores New Yorkers wake up and smell the, er, coffee: That is, to not be fooled by Stumptown Coffee’s slick marketing campaign. “Like Starbucks, the company it professes to abhor, Stumptown provides a ready-made, generic bohemianism, one where people know exactly what to expect.”
[NY Press]

Spain and Italy are renowned for their cured meats, but America has been dry-curing ham since Colonial times. A school of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Iowa cured meat makers are hoping to revive interest in homegrown country hams.
[NY Times]

FDA chief Margaret Hamburg has endorsed a proposal to impose an annual fee on on food companies that would go toward funding the FDA’s food-safety activities. New legislation would also require more frequent inspections at high-risk facilities.
[Wall Street Journal]

Scientists have developed an olive oil-based mixture that, when added to foods, helps eaters feel fuller for a longer period of time. The “emulsion” was first tested with milkshakes, and will now be added to processed foods to see if it has the same effect.
[Daily Mail]