Things We Hate–The Menu Story Hour


We’re always loathe to be picky with servers, since their jobs are so difficult, but there is one thing we truly can’t stand: the menu story hour. This happens all the time, but last night we happened to be at Marea. We were reading through the menu, all on our own, just like grown-ups, when our server came over and without any ado, launched into this “let me explain the menu to you” thing.

And so, he proceed to simply read the menu aloud to us. “We have two caviars tonight, one from California, and one from Italy. This is a selection of crudo, which is all raw fish. Over here you see our pastas…” and so on, as we nodded and smiled until our cheeks hurt. Maybe we don’t look like we belong in a restaurant like Marea. Maybe we look like we can’t read! Someday, when we’re feeling plucky, we’re going to interrupt and explain, very kindly, that actually we do read English.

The best policy is just to ask if anyone has any questions about the menu.