10 Stupidest Things Said About Obama’s Cairo Speech (So Far)


There have been some intelligent criticisms of Obama’s Cairo speech to the Islamic world from the right and the left. As followers of our rightblogger columns will expect, though, there have also been some idiotic ones. Here is a quick round-up of the dumbest bits so far.

10.) Andy McCarthy, National Review. As previously noted, when Obama told Muslim leaders to “maintain your power through consent, not coercion,” McCarthy suggested the Justice Department’s decision to drop its own voter intimidation suit against Black Panthers in Philadelphia shows his hypocrisy. We bet you’ve already forgotten how Obama seized power by sending his Panther brothers to cut into John McCain’s large Philadelphia voter base.

9.) Atlas Shrugs: “America did not vote for a ‘Muslim presidency,’ which is what this is… Little did America know that Obama’s objective would be a conversion of this nation to ‘the largest Muslim country in the world.'” And all done without firing a shot, or a single reverse-baptism!

8.) Atlas Shrugs, ibid. “[Obama] stated that ‘Muslims have enriched the U.S. and have won Nobel prizes.’ They have, in fact, received less than a handful of the international Nobel prizes.” She then goes on — we swear to G-d — to list all the Muslim and Jewish Nobel Prize winners so we can see how many more Jewish laureates there are. Another Obama lie exposed!

7.) Atlas Shrugs, ibid. “If there is one thing that is perfectly clear, it’s that Obama cannot distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, and this puts us all in grave danger.” Please, oh, please, Republicans, give this woman a prime-time speech at the 2012 Convention.

6.) David Frum: Obama says, “I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal.” Frum: “Here is an American president intervening in an internal Muslim debate–and not only intervening, but intervening on the more reactionary side!” Agreed: he should have come out against head coverings for women, just as JFK came out against Catholic ladies wearing hats in church. (That’s why they shot him, you know.)

5.) Martin Peretz, The New Republic. Shorter version: Being tnr’s house reactionary is tiring — I’ll just quote half of David Frum’s column.

4.) Jihad Watch: After Obama said “assalaamu alaykum,” JW sniffed, “According to Islamic law, a Muslim may only extend this greeting — Peace be upon you — to a fellow Muslim… Islamic law is silent about what Muslims must do when naive non-Muslim Islamophilic Presidents offer the greeting to Muslims.” And, of course, when the crowd responded to this blasphemy by hacking Obama to death with scimitars, we learned the real truth.

3.) Michelle Malkin. “While Obama basked in shouts of “We love you!,” let’s not forget how the Arab street really feels. Has always felt:” Here she showed a picture of something in flames, probably because her webmaster has not found a way to embed a gob of spit. Also: “Ed Morrissey has a more positive take and writes: ‘I don’t hear anything in this speech that Bush didn’t say himself.’ Er, that’s the problem.” Enough of these temporizing American Presidents, and on to the New Crusades!

2.) Yid with Lid: When Obama insisted that Muslims recognize Israel’s legitimacy, YwL pounced: “Again he doesn’t call for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.” He also didn’t call for Israel to be recognized as a state bordering Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, and Egypt on the southwest. That means he plans to move it!

1.) The Charlotte Capitalist. On Obama’s buttering-up the Muslims on their scientific achievements: “The president’s error is in attributing ‘Islam’ to the accomplishments of the Arab world of a thousand years ago. The president couldn’t be more wrong.It was Arabs qua Aristotelians and not Arabs qua Islamists who are responsible for the accomplishments described by the president.” Similarly, CC calls on the people of the West to disown the works of Aristotle and all the ancients, since their works precede the Christian era.