David Carradine Sex Strangle Theory Deeply Disturbing to Some


Hmm. The presumption was suicide, but now it is being suggested that David Carradine’s death might be homicide, or just a good time gone wrong. Police in Bangkok say the now-famous curtain cords were tied around Carradine’s neck and genitals, suggesting auto-erotic asphyxia. A Thai forensics specialist is more explicit: “he died … after masturbation.” Sky News points out that this is how some people think INXS singer Michael Hutchence went out.

The thought is too much for Beliefnet conservative Christian columnist Rod Dreher (pictured) to bear. “Yes, he was apparently on a bender,” Dreher allows, “but most people, no matter how drunk, would not rig themselves up to lynch their genitals for pleasure…” Also: “I understand, I guess, how some young and horny idiot could allow himself to become ensnared by this kind of lunacy. But how does it happen that a 72-year-old man succumbs to such madness?” And: “I’m not going anywhere with this in particular.” Nonetheless: ” I mean, look, imagine the old duffer standing in front of his hotel mirror, naked, except for the rope around his neck and his genitals…” Further: “Then again, I don’t understand sadomasochism.” More things in heaven and earth, Rod…

Then again, some people think Carradine may have been murdered (he “was found in a upright sitting position on a bureau in the closet with the rope around his neck. Probably a difficult way to hang yourself?”), which should ease Dreher’s mind.