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Hanging With The Tony Crowd


At an American Theatre Wing dinner at Cipriani the other night, I got to sit with a bevy of Tony award types and wet myself with delight.

At my table, Roger Robinson–who’s Tony nominated for Joe Turner’s Come and Gone–said that, after the bump they got from the Obamas seeing the show, he was stunned it’s still closing on June 14. (I know! It’s sad Joe Turner is coming and going!)

His fellow nominee Zach Grenier, a/k/a Beethoven in 33 Variations, said he was thrilled when Itzhak Perlman came to see his show, even though when Grenier explained to the virtuoso his theory about why Beethoven was so into the Variations–basically because he was having fun with them–Perlman responded, “Eh.”

And more enthusiastically, I sat in the middle as Mary Stuart‘s Harriet Walter gushed to Joel Grey that she loved him in Cabaret and added, “I can hit notes, but I really don’t have a voice.” “Then you’d be great as Sally Bowles!” I chirped. Walter agreed: “Sometimes it’s sung too well–like Liza Minnelli.”

Speaking of the gal who married the boy from Oz, the delectable Hugh Jackman was part of the entertainment, and I’ll have more of that in the next column, by which time my Tony glow will have faded to black.