Local Girl Burns Cat to Death in Oven


We thought about skipping this, but since we already softened you up with a torture story we guess you can stand to hear that a 17-year-old in The Bronx burned a kitten to death in an oven, and the Daily News got the kitten’s picture (above) from Facebook. Her name is Tiger Lily — the kitten’s, not the girl’s: her name is Cheyenne Cherry, and her explanation was that she was mad at her ex-roommate, whose kitten Tiger Lily was and whose new home Cherry and an accomplice broke into to “mess up”; also, “I hate cats.” We suspect the real explanation goes deeper (“Plato, why did you kill those puppies?“), but that will be up to the courts to reveal: Cherry is up on charged of arson, burglary, criminal trespass and felony aggravated animal cruelty.