Mayor Vows to Get Homeless Out of Nice Apartments, Into Hellholes Like They Deserve


Yesterday the world learned that some homeless New Yorkers were being housed in luxury condos originally intended for rich folks, sparking outrage among the sort of people who are just miserable when someone else gets over. Today the mayor exploited that sentiment, saying of the mendicants warehoused at 1040 East New York Avenue, “We’re not going to let people just sit there… we want them to move out.” And even if they beg to stay, Bloomberg isn’t gonna let ’em! “And if they say, ‘Oh, I love this here, I don’t want to try something else,'” Bloomberg said, presumably in a funny voice so you could tell it was someone else talking, then talking lower so you could tell it’s him again: “I’m sorry, that’s not the whole intent here.”

The Daily News shares the Mayor’s outrage, saying this housing plan “sends the wrong message” — that poor people deserve anything other than the worst we can imagine for them, we guess — and that the homeless condo residents “hit a jackpot that advocates for the homeless have long sought — even as they tried to force the city to take all comers and keep them.” In Mort Zuckerman’s day, by God, bums slept on extra-firm mattresses made out of their own feces! None of this namby-pamby shelter stuff. We said earlier that we hate ourselves, but it’s a comfort to be reminded that there are people out there even more deserving of our contempt.